Magnificent Week Episode 32


The end of fruit fears, a poignant Ted Talk about living and dying, a powerful summer yoga set, a Blue Zone's happiness quiz, the virtual full moon event I'm signing up for and more to make your week truly magnificent...

I really enjoyed taking this blue zones happiness quiz and love the way they break down the component parts of a happy life. 

This Saturday's class at Take Care Shop will focus on freeing your breath (and you can bring a friend for free!)  

It's a heartbreakingly wonderful Ted Talk that I will remember for a long time. 

A CAP Beauty Daily event in D.C. tomorrow night.

An amazing (gratis) 30 minute yoga workout perfect for midsummer. 

I love this take on eating more fruit.

I'll be traveling during this full moon time but excited to participate in this virtual group session. 

My favorite daily poetic guidance from everyone's favorite mystic.