Fully Eclipsed, Fully Released

                                                                                                                              art by Daniel Baredo

                                                                                                                             art by Daniel Baredo

Friday, July 27th grants us a full moon, total lunar eclipse, and an opportunity for dramatic healing and release.

Full moons are quite literally opportunities for full illumination; a chance to look at our lives and boldly see what's working and what isn't. Total lunar eclipses happen every six months and allow massive energy shifts to stir things up (sometimes somewhat chaotically) and help us up-level ourselves, setting a mold for the next six months to come. 

These times are vehicles for awakening. A full eye-opening to our own B.S. and the ways we're not taking responsibility for it. A real facing of the places we've thrown our self worth in the garbage and the times we've let fear rule over love.

Most of all, these precious portals allow us to more readily release the old habits, and old patterns that have been ruling (and ruining) the flow of life. 

In this potent window, I've created a complementary meditation and at-home ritual for your alignment with these magnificent times of transformation. 

Though the full moon/eclipse is technically Friday at 1:20 PM Eastern, the energy of these events can be felt and utilized a few days before and after. Carve out some time to tune your inner being to all the wonders of the outer world and solar system. You will never regret the time you spend on your own discovery, release and healing. 

First: Your Digital Meditation

Second: Time for Reflection

Grab your journal and a pen and answer the following prompts:

What came through in the meditation?

How did it feel to release negative emotions and old patterns from the body?

What was your vision for the next 6 months? How did it feel to see it, to experience it? 

Third: Action - show up

How can you show up for yourself and your vision across these next couple of days? What ONE action can you do to move toward it? 

How can you show up for someone else? What ONE thing can you do for another that is honoring of your community, your friends, your beloved, or even the animal(s) in your life?

Fourth: Be Gentle

Lastly, know that the flow of these energies can be a lot, and it's a great time to take excellent care of yourself. No act of self-kindness is too small. And know that I stand ready to serve through a personal session or speaking engagement for guidance and inspiration during these exciting times to be alive.