Magnificent Week #33


A new book about becoming superhuman, the power of positive people, a major butt-kicking kundalini set to lift depression, this gorgeous ceramicist and more to make the rest of your week and weekend truly magnificent. 

Because don't we all want to?  Becoming Superhuman.

A beautiful article on the power of positive people. 

This challenging but deeply rewarding kundalini yoga set will change your life. 

It's not too late to listen to this guided meditation for healing and release during this powerful time of transformation. 

I've been listening to this mantra - designed to connect with one's higher guides and remember that we are all being helped in so many ways. 

I'll be getting some overdue wedding presents for friends from this incredible artist when her online workshop opens up again soon...

Just discovered this band released a new album. They were truly one of the best concerts I've ever been to! 

A new moon circle for lionhearted women in Washington.