Magnificent Week #34


This absurdly simple and ridiculously delicious tomato recipe, the next new moon circle date, a great article on the neurological transformation of mamahood, a provocative documentary and more to make your week magnificent...

The recipe for these sweet, succulent, slow roasted beauties. 

A friend encouraged me to watch this documentary the other day. I was floored, angered, but also inspired as new waves of change are made by young leaders. 

Ladies, it's that time again. Join me for a special new moon circle in Virgo on Saturday, September 8th. 

I've been a fan of both women's work for a while but I deeply enjoyed the validation and permission to be you in this podcast. 

Just bought tickets for November. 

This article was suuuper interesting about the way the brain changes when women are pregnant. Sharing with all my mamas and future mamas-to-be!

And in case you missed last episode...I'm resharing:

This book that is transformational and this Italian company I'm newly in love with (that has waived all shipping fees for August.)


Joanna Andreae