30 Things I Know


After establishing a tradition of reflection across the past two years, it’s that time again. That time to consider with conscious pause and a grain of salt, the lessons life has shared with me over the past 365 days of my life. Today, on the day before my birthday, I offer 30 things I’ve come to know:

  1.  We are allowed to redefine ourselves again and again. To restart. To build something new. To tear it down, and to build something else. Regeneration, redefinition, expansion, growth, is available to you constantly.
  2. It’s never too late to learn more about another person you love. We are always changing – on a cellular level, on a physical level, on a mental level, and on a spiritual one too. Don’t make assumptions about the people who have been in your life for years. Greet them with a renewed freshness and your relationship will thrive.
  3. Incausa incense is still far and away my favorite. Not at all sponsored, just in love.
  4. Continuous (and potentially borderline obsessive) self-discovery is never something to apologize for. Those that truly know themselves have access to unlimited potential.
  5. Stop trying to solve everyone else’s problems. If you simply try to solve your own you inspire others to do the same.
  6. Learning my human design type (I’m a manifestor) was a validation miracle. You can find yours out for free here and use this wonderful woman’s work to go deeper into your type.
  7. Remembering to breathe deeply is still the single best practice of coming home to yourself.  You have permission, right now, to coolly and calmly take a deep breath in, to hold, and to release slowly. See what I mean?
  8. Trusting the knowledge of self is one of the most important decisions I’ve ever made. Doing it as a radical daily practice makes one invincible.
  9. To be alive is to be creative. There is no such thing as a non-creative person. With enough rest, inspiration, and energy, we can create incredible art of all kinds.
  10. Thinking, talking, and dreaming about what you want is the best way to get it.
  11. Complaining about what is or isn’t, and what you don’t have, is the best way to keep more of what you don’t have coming your way. It also kills 30% of your energy.  
  12. It’s not an accident that “dog” is “God” spelled backwards. These furry friends are impeccable reminders to live in the present, be open-hearted, and to love without condition.
  13. There is almost no situation fists of anger can’t improve.
  14. The “Blue Zones” model for happiness is great life guidance. And while we know vegetables are critical, what we don’t always prioritize is the need for a community of friends, a strong purpose, and a lot of daily walking.
  15. The more “girl time” or friend time I take, the more connected to my husband I feel. It’s important for partners to spend time apart to keep their romance alive.  
  16. Einstein was onto something when he said, “there are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” The act of individual choice is the key to the juicy, miracle-filled life.
  17. You will never regret spending money on healing yourself.
  18. Taking intuitive inspiration and running with it doesn’t have to be difficult. It may start as a random title of a book that pops into your head, or a friend’s face you haven’t connected with in months and you decide to call. By starting to pull on those small, seemingly insignificant inner sparks you invite your inner guidance system to have a stronger and clearer say on the bigger things.
  19. You can say no to the things you’re “not supposed to” say no to. You can say yes to the things you’re “not supposed to.” In fact, you can stop worrying about “supposed to” all together. It’s a new age and the old rules don’t work anymore. Free yourself from the burden of others’ expectations and step into self-guided (and deeply satisfying) fulfillment.
  20. Picking up the fear/anxiety/over-concern of others is a choice. YOUR choice.
  21. The better I am as a student, the better I am as a teacher.
  22. I’m learning that I really am a powerful creator. I’m learning that you are too.
  23. Listening to the gong at night when you sleep is one of the best way to give your psyche an all-night cleaning. It’s a game changer in breaking negative patterns, habits, and getting deep, restorative sleep.
  24. The best compliment I received all year was the following, from an attendee at a workplace speaking engagement: “Wow! You must be learning so much!”
  25. Healers need healing too. And once I do the work of healing myself, I can help the healers heal.
  26. Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so. When you make your mind up to believe something, and imbue it with positive or “good” – it can change your whole perceptive experience.
  27. Time is not linear. In fact, nothing really REAL is linear at all. It’s curved, circular, and bendy. And when you start to play with it, you open yourself to a whole new reality and a whole new realm of possibilities. Learning that the future is predicated on the present is powerful.
  28. Don’t wait on others to do what you know is in your heart. Launch the side hustle. Ask the person out. Book the trip to a foreign country. Don’t wait on the things you know are right for you.
  29. Travel is one of the best ways to open yourself to who you are and to remember we are all part of the same human family. It’s also the best way to appreciate all you have and love at home.  
  30. A main goal of this life is to fall more in love with yourself each and every day. If you can do that, or start taking small steps in that direction of self-reverence, life becomes far more enjoyable, magical, and easy.