Pregnancy Resources for Mamas and Future Mamas


While I don’t pretend I have all the answers as it relates to a happy and healthy pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and beyond, I do know what resources have been wonderful along the journey.

As many have asked about the things I’ve enjoyed the most, I am making a first-iteration list here.


This is a time that, especially in the west, can get brushed over. If things aren’t going well we can be very focused on the physical dimension - which helps - but isn’t the whole story. I found (and continue to find) these three books to be deeply helpful.

Spirit Babies | Life Changing Foods | Mystical Motherhood | Fertile

I also cannot emphasize the wealth of information I learned from this course. It’s an investment but wow. I am sure I will reference it for years and years. Helpful before, during, and after pregnancy though many of the initial section is focused on conscious conception.

Pregnancy Resources

All-purpose salve. A beautiful cream to slather all over belly bump and beyond. I also really enjoyed being gifted (and using all of!) this amazing product.

Here are some of my favorite books along the journey.

While there are many, many resources out there for birthing classes, the hubby and I have really appreciated this online course.

I have also been practicing the daily essentials and stretches from this helpful site. A nice home-workout when you can’t make those prenatal yoga classes in person.

I also adore this doula and her list of resources.

Post-Babe Arrival

While I can’t speak from personal experience (yet!) these resources have come highly recommended from trusted teachers and friends. I’m personally excited to dive into them and ensure as smooth a transition as possible into mamahood.


Joanna Andreae