YOUr Flow of Fulfillment

A Digital Group Coaching Experience for Purpose and Prosperity 


Calling you, cosmic woman:


You, the woman who is ready to break through the ceiling of low-grade prosperity, self-worth and purpose.

You, the woman who wants to carve out intentional space to connect with what brings her joy. The woman who knows this path of joy is a key in finding her unique purpose in the world.

You, the woman who is ready to receive all the goodness, the blessings, and the richness of a life of authentic abundance. 

You, the woman who is hungry for consistent inspiration, elevation, and support when it comes to creating a life of more meaning and abundance.

This intimate, digital coaching circle runs during the very fertile Summer Solstice to Autumnal Equinox window to ensure you are tapping into your own sources of prosperity and flow while also aligning with the natural magnetism and harvest of the season. Summer is the time of great expansion and opening, and as we approach the second half of 2018, it's more important than ever to realign with our unique pattern of fulfillment to flow more gracefully with magic of life.

This is for the woman who

  • Feels ready to release old habits and stuck patterns to rise into a greater way of living and moving through the world.
  • Wants to challenge herself.
  • Is ready to experience true expansion.
  • Craves accountability on movement towards goals. 
  • Is seeking a more enlightened community in the digital age.
  • Hungers for authenticity and honesty in connection with self and others.
  • Wants permission to have fun and reconnect to the playful opportunities of summer. 
  • Is ready to grow, expand, and harness the energy of this potent time.
  • Wants to learn numerous new tools and technologies for deepening prosperity, abundance and fulfillment inside and out. 

What to expect

All of us will gather virtually every other week with a theme to guide us toward a higher place of awareness, expansion, and expression.  Each session will include the practice of special meditations and mantras for prosperity, a discussion of our weekly themes, and workshop exercises for inner revelation and unblocking on the path to fulfillment.

You will also be paired with an accountability partner to grow more deeply into the power of female connection, share your progress, and even your stumbles, on the way to a more prosperous life.

You will also enjoy the power of group accountability in the consistent practice of various daily rituals, reflections and meditations to maximize our time together and experience even greater subconscious clearing as individuals and a group.  

This program will weave together tools from holistic health coaching, positive psychology, kundalini yoga, kinesiology, neurolinguistic programming, the teachings of Abraham Hicks, and many other powerful sources of inspiration and transformation.  

    the logistics

    • We will circle up on seven live 90-minute digital coaching sessions (all recorded for your later viewing pleasure) that will take place from 6:30-8:00 PM EST on:
      • SESSION #1 | Tuesday, June 26th
      • SESSION #2 | Tuesday, July 10th
      • SESSION #3| Tuesday, July 24th
      • SESSION #4 | Tuesday, August 7th 
      • SESSION #5 | Tuesday, August 21st
      • SESSION #6| Tuesday, September 4th 
      • SESSION #7 |Tuesday, September 18th
    • You will also be gifted four specially recorded digital teaching videos to dive deep into certain practices, meditations, and reflection exercises released on the new moons:
      • June 13th 
      •  July 12th
      • August 11th
      • September 9th

    Sign me up!

    The investment for this intimate 3+ month program for you, you extraordinary woman, is  $595. Or, if you want to do the math, $85 per session. As my private consulting starts at $150 per session, this is a great opportunity to grow with these teaching at a great price. 

    Register by June 20th using the code: IAMFULFILLED to receive $40 off. Claim your spot among the lucky few below. 

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    *To space out two payments of $305 instead (Payment #1 by June 13th and #2 by August 11th), please email

    I look forward to watching you flourish on this journey!