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Beauty and the Breath Round II: A Workshop for Inner Expansion

  • Kit + Ace Georgetown (map)

Given the positive resonse of this first workshop, I'm so pleased to offer a second chance to focus on inner expansion and healing.


Finding and feeling one's breath can open a whole world of wellness, vitality, and beauty. This workshop is dedicated to doing just that. In yoga, the breath is considered an entire layer of life force energy but in our day-to-day lives we can suffer from breath that is shallow and short.

Tapping into the breath can change your experience with the world around you and open you up to an inner strength and power you may never have known existed.

In this special 90 minute workshop we'll explore guided breathwork, easy and "sneaky" ways to feel energized in the body and we'll discuss the healing benefits of breath including: improved digestion, energy-levels, and even skin health.

Attendees will learn:

  • Various breaths to deal with anger and stress
  • Breath meditations to promote beauty and restore radiance of the skin
  • Various breaths to improve digestion and boost immunity
  • Breaths to faciliate greater connection to and healing of the heart.

The breath can be a key to detoxifying the body and finding a sense of balance and peace. Join Wellness Guide Joanna Andreae at the exquisite Kit + Ace in Georgetown for an morning of empowerment and peace through breath, guided meditation, and practical techniques for self-care. Light refreshments will be served. Seats are limited.

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