Digital | Summer Solstice Guided Meditation

The brightest day of the year is a great time to shine a healing light on yourself and your journey. Let me guide you to a place of deep healing and relaxation from the comfort of your own bed through this special recorded session. These digital sessions are an attempt to connect with my community in and beyond the Washington, D.C. area, to ensure a circle of rest and healing continues even outside the bounds of a shared physical space. 

This 45 minute  meditation will include - a few moments of centering and grounding, background information about the potency of the solstice, a juicy and relaxing guided meditation practice, and an optional playlist (made available through Spotify). 

The goal of the practice is to relax into a dream-like state to promote deep healing of multiple layers of the body - physical, energetic, mental, and beyond. 

A link with the meditation and all relevant details will be sent on the eve of the solstice via email (Tuesday Evening, June 20th). 

**Please note** you will need to download Zoom (it's free) to access your meditation. In addition, if you'd like to use the partner playlist through Spotify (optional) you'll need premium so you don't get interrupted from a deep rest with some weird (loud) ad. 

I look forward to guiding you to deeper peace! 

The exchange: $11