Thank you for an amazing experience.  Since our first conversation you have been pivotal in guiding me to adjust my view and see things from a greater perspective than the one I am experiencing in the moment.  Your Women’s Wellness Group has been a seamless choreography of empowerment, authenticity, and forward progress.  You have a natural gift as a gentle guard that knows the way but guides you even when you feel blinded by self.  Outside of my own revelations and confirmations it was awe inspiring to see a group of women unknown to one another share, confide and receive advice on their inner most desires and in some cases fears.  I look forward to continuing with you in my journey!
— Lauren Kris Massey, Washington, D.C.

Welcome to Your Empowerment Circle

This group will be special. It will be small. It will be powerful. It will be a source of transformation on your journey. A gathering of women coming together to celebrate honesty, vulnerability, and self-celebration. A place to dig deeper in your own path of self-discovery and lift others up along the way. 

The mission

To promote empowerment and alignment in thought, word, and deed, and to inspire women to live (and love and move and create) from a place of heart-centered power.  

This intimate coaching circle is for the woman who wants to:

  • feel more inspired across multiple facets of life
  • be open to sharing and discussing with like-minded souls 
  • find community and forge bonds with women looking to lead healthier, happier lives
  • set intentions (with accountability partners) for individual goals
  • shake things up and think outside the box when it comes to empowered living, working, and loving
  • find more joy and laughter -- especially though looking at things differently 
  • spend time being around a 5-7 month old (very friendly) puppy -- strange but true. There will be a pup around! 

Sounds pretty fun, right? Here are some additional details:

The Format

  • Three months and twelve sessions. Six in-person sessions at a private residence in Capitol Hill East, and six virtual check-ins (via e-mail) across the program. 
  • The group will take place every other Wednesday evening from 7:30-9:00 PM, May 10th through July 18th. On the "off" weeks, you'll receive guidance virtually and spend time working with your accountability partner, to accomplish your "Love Work" and stay on track as it relates to the week's theme. 
  • Also, should you need to miss a week or two due to travel or another conflict, sessions will be recorded so you will be fully caught up. 

What To Expect

  • A bi-weekly theme to kick off discussion as it relates to empowerment and growth.
  • A warm, welcoming, and friendly environment.
  • Yummy and healthy snacks and beverages for each in person session.
  • A guided meditation along and other breathwork and mudra practices to facilitate inner alignment.
  • Opportunities for journaling, reflection, partner work and great conversation.
  • Good, juicy discussion and the opportunity to stretch and transform. 

Logistics + Gratis Gift

  • Your registration includes a gratis 30-minute phone session at the mid-way point of the program, to ensure you're on track and receive extra, tailored guidance as it relates to your goals. 
  • The exchange for the class is $525. Payment plans are available. For more information, please email