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My Story

I am a certified Holistic Health Coach, Guided Meditation teacher and all around lover of abundance and nourishment. After 6 years of the corporate world where I traveled 3-4 days a week (every week!), led meetings with Hospital CEOs, University Presidents, and senior cabinet members of every type, engaged in intensive contract negotiations, and hit revenue goals of up to 1 Million dollars per quarter, I decided to leave my lucrative but ultimately unfulfilling day job, and follow my bliss. The story of Wandering Wellness is what happened after that leap of faith.  

That said, I didn't take those years of road-warrior experience for granted, and in fact, they've shaped many of the programs I offer my clients today.  I know folks appreciate that I've been there. I've lived the stress of the high-stakes and high-pressure job. I can remember days when I was on 4 flights, and still had to lead a 30+ person senior meeting for 2 hrs in the middle of Alabama or Albuquerque or Albany. I can remember frantically typing emails on my laptop while I boarded a plane (juggling coffee and bags - not easy!). I can remember driving through the flatlands of Labette, Kansas, desperately having to pee and seeing nothing but cows for hours. The endless meetings and conference calls, the plastered smiles, the competition, the lack of sleep...I lived it all.  I remember one particular trip, after a terrible meeting I had flown all the way across the country for in L.A, I got stuck in a massive bout of traffic and felt like I had really hit a breaking point. Something had to give, and I didn't want it to be me. 

I began to become deeply interested in self-care. Reading everything I could about positive psychology, Ayurveda, healthy eating, exercise, and I discovered the subtle but transformative effects of consistent yoga and meditation.  I started to teach myself how to cope and then, dare I say, thrive, in a life of constant change and requirement. I didn't quit my job when the going got tough, I learned how to find the calm in the storm, and left years later when I felt it was my personal mission to share this wealth with others.

Through my own journey of self-discovery, my own journey of healing my stress, insomnia, fears, self-doubt, I learned to make small but impactful changes in my own life.  I learned to change my relationship with my work, and how to re-prioritize self-care. I learned how to nourish myself better from the inside out and outside in; to really listen to what it is my body needs.  

I love sharing the education I've amassed through formal trainings and certifications at Cornell (Plant Based Nutrition), The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (Holistic Health Coaching), and Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health (Yoga Nidra, Guided Meditation) as well as what I lived and experienced viscerally, in my own life.  I would be honored to help you shake things up a bit, to feel more in touch with who you truly are. This is your life, this is it! What is your legacy going to be? Are you healthy enough to live your life? To REALLY live it? 

I know that finding time for self-care in a culture that promotes and praises all-nighters and over-achievement can be difficult but it is possible and it's so very inspiring when you see the ripple effects of a tiny shift.  My clients tell me all the time how surprised they are at how quickly they begin to feel more balanced, more centered.  Everyone deserves to feel good and live well.  I am so grateful to share practical and sustainable ways to do just that with busy people like you every day. 

To learn even more about me and my work, you can listen to this or this podcast.