Small Group Healing


It all started when...

I was meditating a few weeks ago, with the desire to gain more clarity around a new group offering. Almost immediately I got a mental hit. A very clear phrase: "Poetic Attunement." Um, what? I finished my meditation. But then I thought on it more and more, and realized that in those two words are contained many great powerful messages. The message of poetry - a healer of the soul and heart, a great connector across time, space, and circumstance. The message of attunement - the act tuning oneself toward a more true and clear sound; the act of attuning more fully to the body, the ability to resonate a tone that is all oneself and at the same time part of a larger harmony.  

This small group healing will be special and different. We'll use a poem to inspire us each week, practice a meditation carefully selected to harness the energy of the poem, and allow ourselves to be tuned - to both the wisdom of our inner voice, and the wisdom of a small collective of powerful women, coming together to heal themselves and each other. 

what will this group include? 

  • 12 weeks of highly curated, developed and hand-selected practices to facilitate healing, creativity, and flow. 
  • 6 90-minute in person sessions; 6 digital sessions with a recorded mini-meditation and weekly "love-work."
  • Weekly inspiration via quotes, journaling prompts, and group accountability partnerships to take each lesson deeper and make it more personalized.
  • New tools and meditations to ground more fully into who you are and build up your inner reservoir of resilience and strength. 
  • An exploration of the feminine and what it means to be fully empowered as modern woman. 
  • A cozy, comfortable, and safe space.
  • An opportunity for deep connection with other women in Washington. 
  • The chance to find peace and balance in the midst of your busy, modern life.
  • A space for your healing and release. 

The Details:

  • Our gatherings will take place at a residence in Capitol Hill East every other week on Thursday evenings from 7:30-9:00 PM Eastern beginning Thursday, November 2. 
  • In between weeks the group will receive "love-work" and a recorded meditation via email. Should you need to miss an in person session, not to worry, the evenings will be recorded. 
  • The exchange for this 3 month course is $555, or 2 payments of $295. 

I cannot wait to get started with you this November!