Praise for Wandering Wellness  

"Joanna has been a wonderful addition to our wellness program and classes. She has led both meditation and nutrition classes for our corporate employees over the past year. Both of these have been game-changers, changing employee behaviors and mindsets while also appealing to diverse audiences. 

Joanna's content and approach speaks well to employees who are unfamiliar with mindful practices, but also resonates well with employees who are well seasoned in the space. We are excited to continue to partner with Joanna in 2016 to create a healthy and mindful environment at Optoro. We highly recommend her to anyone looking to engage employees in wellness initiatives. She is both passionate and knowledgeable as well as a true professional."

--Emily Goodson, Talent & Culture Business Partner, Optoro

"Joanna is a true soul guide.  She knows how to listen to women's food narratives, affirm them, and give them thoughtful, practical information in order to help them to live their most balanced lives.  Joanna's Mindful Eating workshop was a really lovely meditation on creating room for being truly present and awake during our mealtime experiences.  Joanna is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and provides a safe haven for individuals to openly share their food stories."  

--Lauren Nixon, Food & Wellness Educator   

"I had the pleasure of working with Joanna on a Mindful Eating class, held at the restaurant I managed. We had never before held a class like this at the restaurant, so I leaned on Joanna's insight and knowledge on how to structure the class. Joanna's collaborative and positive approach made it easy to work with her. We collaborated on the menu, choosing items that both showed off the restaurant offerings, as well as created a dynamic learning experience for the class. Joanna led an engaging class that all of the students enjoyed. We were especially happy because the class brought in customers new to our restaurant, which is exposure we were hoping to receive. The class was such a success that we're gearing up for a second sold out class! Needless to say, I plan on working with Joanna again in the future!"

--Melissa Beazer, Manager, Eat Halsa Restaurant

"The mindful eating seminar was incredibly informative and enlightening for me. I left feeling that my understanding of my relationship to food had advanced significantly - the dots were connected left and right. This is all to say thank you for hosting the event!!"

--Mindful Eating Workshop Attendee