Open to your authentic power



Authentically empowered sessions for guidance, inspiration, and support on life's journey.  

I weave a unique combination of yogic technology, positive psychology and holistic health coaching during our one-on-one work. Sessions are designed both excavate deeper needs of psyche and heart while also creating constructive plans forward for applying improved, elevating practices to modern life. 

These sessions are for the man or woman who:

  • Has a hunger for more. More joy. More energy. More of a sense of self. More peace. 
  • Is ready to do the work but not take themselves too seriously.
  • Wants to meditate. To cultivate a habit of calm centeredness amid the hustle of this busy world. 
  • Believes in the power of keeping promises and the power of the word.
  • Is ready to get on the path of greatest creativity and elevation.
  • Wants to generally feel better and do better - for self and others. 
  • Craves greater prosperity and gratitude for the good in life. 
  • Is ready to stop playing small and go bigger, expand higher and root deeper.
  • Wants practical, daily life practices and the support to implement them. 

These sessions are include yet are not limited to guided relaxation, space for discussion, and accountability homework to climb and expand in the evolutionary process of your life. 


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Follow-Up Sessions

Follow up sessions are available based on your needs for support, inspiration, and guidance on the journey. Please note, for those interested in securing weekly or bi-weekly sessions, you can simply click "recurring" after your initial time selection to confirm your desired number of appointments.

60 Minute Follow-Up

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