21 Day Spark Your Intention Program

21 Day Spark Your Intention Program


This is a program designed for the busy person who is ready to take charge of her (or his) life, self-care and vitality. This program is about making and sustaining new healthy habits to transform your relationship with yourself and to ultimately spark a change in your life for the better. 

The 21 Day program includes three 60-minute private wellness sessions. During these sessions, we'll identify clear goals, remove any blocks or obstructions to achievement of said goals and create sustainable and practical steps toward their realization. 

In addition to private sessions, you'll receive a daily email crafted for you to provide accountability and inspiration on your journey. As your dedicated wellness consultant, we'll create a dialogue through these daily notes to ensure you are completely supported throughout the 3-week program, and each and every day you are welcomed with a fresh burst of self-care and a way to re-prioritize you in the midst of the rest of life's distractions.

This is for those ready to:

feel more mindful in their day to day

have daily accountability toward wellness goals

slow down and savor life

feel more grateful and grounded

work with a trained health coach to support wellness goals

improve relationships with one's body and mind

realize greater clarity in goals and the why behind the wants

spark change in life for the better

Please note, you will receive an email within 24 hours of your purchase to set up your very first session.

Each session with take place digitally (Skype or FaceTime). 


"The work touched me deeply, and I think it really transformed my life. The work with you finally made me believe that I can be the person I always knew I could be, and always knew was inside me. I woke up today and wrote a few ways I can savor the day, and I can't thank you enough for introducing me to this world of reflection, empowerment, gratitude, and self-care."
-- Casey Babbitt
For me the best part of the program was the self affirmation and the recognition that I could break the daunting tasks down into smaller yet meaningful pieces.  I could also see that much of what I wanted was already there which feels encouraging as I venture out on my own for a bit. 
I also enjoyed the personal, sincere, but authentic individual attention.  You told me the nice things and addressed the not so nice things in a kind way. Most important, I feel empowered and have a sense of peace that is sustainable.  I am comfortable and better understand my inner signals.
-- Shannon W. 
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