Private Wellness Session

Private Wellness Session


60 Minutes

Self-Worth | Self-Care | Self-Discovery

These sessions are a time to quiet the external noise and get clear on your needs and goals when it comes to better mind, body and ultimately, life.

Each private wellness session is 100% tailored to your needs. We'll focus on 1-3 of your top wellness and self-care challenges, diving into any roadblocks and strategizing how to make meaningful change to pursue your goal and feel empowered along your journey. You will leave the session with practical tactics and implementable practices to integrate into your life and foster greater health and happiness. 

Beginning and ending with a quick grounding meditation, you'll leave this session feeling centered, inspired, and empowered.

These sessions promote:

positive self image

greater relaxation

strategies for improving one's relationship with food

understanding in relationships 

clarity when it comes to needs, wants, and desires

energetic protection

improved energy and sense of vitality

greater wellness, vitality, and health

inspiration for your journey


Once you've completed your purchase, you will receive an email within 24 hours to schedule your in person or digital session (FaceTime or Skype). 


I cannot say enough about Joanna’s services. She was beyond my greatest expectations. She has helped me with my self-confidence, protecting myself from those who drain my energy (sucker fish), as well as helping me to see how great of a person that I am inside. She opened my eyes to how great it feels to say YES to me for the first time vs. stretching myself thin to cater to others.

From the beginning of my session with her I was at ease. She has such a calming voice… it’s like liquid chocolate! Traveling this sometimes challenging and difficult journey of life can become taxing. It is a necessity to take/make time for your wellness and Joanna is the KEY.

Thank you Joanna for helping me to see the light more clearly.
-- Tiffany B.
I cannot thank you enough for our session the other day. I'm honestly feeling more energized and hopeful today than I have in weeks. Our session was just what I needed. I'm so happy to have met you! 
-- Rachel M.
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