60 minutes to relaxation and rejuvenation

Sometimes all you really need is a 60-minute session to dive in, ask questions, explore wellness goals and be sent off with insights and practical tips to improve your life.  After receiving a bit of background via email on your area of focus, we'll spend 60 minutes together on the phone to cut to the chase and engage in a meaningful conversation dedicated to exactly what you need. 

What's Included

These sessions are 100% tailored to your needs which makes these super unique and impactful. Based on your top 1-3 areas of interest, we dive in and discuss roadblocks, work-arounds, and strategies to ensure you are well on your way to that sweet spot of balance and health.  These sessions may include a combination of any items below, or your specified area of interest.

  • Practical 'take-home' tactics for reducing stress and prioritizing self-care
  • Improving nutrition around  a specific goal (e.g. eating for energy, improving digestion, eating for weight loss, reducing inflammation, etc.)
  • Guided meditation to facilitate relaxation, rest, and de-stressing in the moment
  • Assistance on gaining clarity and focus around goals - be they health, relationship, or career-related
  • Goal-setting as it relates to manifestation, self-care, and prioritizing your own wellness 

The Exchange

A single 60-minute session is $125. To secure a session and raise your hand for self-care click below.  

Private Wellness Session
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I cannot say enough about Joanna’s services. She was beyond my greatest expectations. She has helped me with my self-confidence, protecting myself from those who drain my energy (sucker fish), as well as helping me to see how great of a person that I am inside. She opened my eyes to how great it feels to say YES to me for the first time vs. stretching myself thin to cater to others.

From the beginning of my session with her I was at ease. She has such a calming voice… it’s like liquid chocolate! Traveling this sometimes challenging and difficult journey of life can become taxing. It is a necessity to take/make time for your wellness and Joanna is the KEY.

Thank you Joanna for helping me to see the light more clearly.
— Tiffany B.