21 days to healthy and happy trails

I have been there.  I know how exhausting life on the road can be and after traveling to 46 states in my road-warrior days, I know how easy it is to plop down on your Starwood-points-earning-bed, turn on the tube, and order room service. I also know how much joy can be found in finding healthier haunts, exploring and wandering down a pedestrian street of a small town or discovering a Whole Foods on your way to a meeting.  The difficulty is, with all the work you have to do, it’s tough to find the time to research healthy places. To pour over yelp reviews, checking hours, distances, logistics.  Let me help you. I am a connoisseur of finding healthy hidden gems and I love helping travelers find ways to feel great on the road. 

I work with my road warriors to design a travel plan ensuring they find ways to move, eat, and explore with happiness, health, and even a healthy dose of fun - wherever their wanders may take them. 

These sessions are completely customized to individual work and travel schedules and include:

  • Two one-on-one 75-minute sessions.  These sessions, given the nature of the program are virtual.  The first includes a deep dive to discuss your unique goals and priorities, and create a healthy travel action plan, the second to follow-up on said action-items, provide accountability and course-corrections as necessary and strategize for the sustainability of the positive changes and wins you've seen.  These sessions both conclude with a 15 minute guided meditation to ensure you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. 
  • A healthy snack and packing list for your travels tailored to your unique preferences. 
  • Travel recommendations in your area of travel. I carefully cull through Yelp, TravelAdvisor, and Zagat to find you great restaurants that are healthy and delicious, incredible yoga studios, hipster coffee shops, and even art museums if they're your thing.  All of this detective work is 100% based on your needs and interests. Once we discuss your preferences for food and fun, I design this list of places for your own exploration and wandering while on the road. 
  • Curated exercises and breathing techniques to keep you feeling strong and calm on the plane, in the rental car, at your meetings, and beyond.
  • Hotel room exercises including yoga videos, hotel gym workouts, and quick exercises to stay balanced + centered even as your environment changes.
  • A personal accountability partner and cheerleader helping you along the way! 
  • Unlimited email support and guidance across our program. 

Click the button above to schedule your gratis 30 minute consult with yours truly and determine if this program is a good fit. I look forward to helping you wander in good health and happiness. 

I’ve felt so different since I started the healthy traveler program with Joanna. Even a few months after its conclusion I’ve been on such a positive trajectory from a physical and mental standpoint. It’s been subtle in some ways, but not so subtle in others. I just feel better.
— Maddy, Strategy Consultant