Three Month Transformation: 

This is a deep dive into mind, body, and spirit; a journey into your truest version of yourself. A courageous look at what is serving you in life and what isn't, and working together to get you in service of your greatest goals. 

This is big, juicy, exciting stuff. 

How it Works 

The investment:

These days it's difficult to find five minutes to focus on personal health goals and rare to spend dedicated time to set and improve upon said wellness goals with a trained listener. It's even more uncommon to actually carve out dedicated time to relax. To meditate. Sans smartphone. We all know we need to prioritize our health, but it can be tough to do so when we are caught in the spinning wheel of our daily, overscheduled lives.

As a self-proclaimed foodie and self-taught (albeit clumsy) chef, I love food and believe in living and eating abundantly but in a way that actually nourishes your whole being. I have also lived the life of the stressed-out D.C. go-getter and have learned how to balance a fast-paced life with all its demands, pressure, and exhaustion, with personal needs and social responsibilities. I started working as a Lifestyle and Wellness Consultant to help people lead happier, healthier lives and I am passionate about inspiring my clients towards small, sustainable changes that pay off in big ways. I also integrate easy, guided meditations, recipes, exercises, and other creative coaching techniques to create a unique, meaningful and sustainable experience.

Through each of my program offerings, I give my clients the space to tease out their core needs and guide them to make adjustments and fresh choices that best support their current and future health goals when it comes to food, exercise, and lifestyle. Most importantly I help them remove barriers in their own lives to achieving greater balance and peace in each aforementioned area. I look forward to helping you nourish yourself from the inside out and outside in.  Read on below if you truly want to transform your life with small, impactful changes!

All of my programs are personalized and tailored to your unique needs but maintain a framework and context that has proven to be successful.

Click the button above to find 30 minutes (completely complimentary) to learn more about my offerings and whether we're a good fit. For any other ideas/asks/inquiries you can always send a note to to discuss tailored options. I look forward to it!

60-Minute Wellness Refresh

If you need an hour to talk to a trained listener, to focus, and to get quick health advice in a mini-nourishment session you can book a ‘one-off’ 60 minute consulting session.  These include positive psychology tips, breathing exercises, and in-the-moment strategies for food and exercise plans to get you feeling great.  I also offer a 60 minute ‘re-boot’ sesh for my former clients at a discount.

45 Day Wellness 'Reset'

In the mood to shift and shake things up in the shorter term? Excited by the idea of a daily, personalized email to keep you focused, on-track, and accountable? Looking for gentle but firm guidance to reach your goals? This program is perfect for the busy person that wants help keeping goals front and center across a month and a half AND wants to enjoy the benefits of working with me via phone for 3 sessions to discuss goals, complete creative self-reflection exercises and feel deeply relaxed with mini guided-meditation sessions.

Healthy Traveler

Oh the ups and downs of travel. After over 5 years of being constantly on the go - and a visit to almost all of this great nation's 50 states, I have learned more than a thing or two about what it takes to feel great on the road and, conversely, what it takes to feel depleted, impatient, and always battling a sore throat/stuffy nose cold combo.  The good news is, healthy work travel is possible. Really, it is! But it does take some strategizing, and some commitment to putting yourself first. Given your busy schedule and high-pressure job, I'm here to help. Click the button below to learn more. 

 For My Brides

To all my lovely brides out there, I am pleased to announce my wedding wellness services! After experiencing the highs (and lows) of planning a wedding, the good, the bad, and the ugly, I can empathize. I would have LOVED to share what I was going through with a health and wellness expert when I was engaged. So with my own personal experience and past wants, and the pleasure of learning from and working with some of my dear friends who have recently gotten married, I have developed a 45 day program to help all you busy hard-working brides out there look AND feel good pre-wedding.


Not sure which program is best? Click here and we'll spend 30 minutes discussing options and discovering which program (if any) is a good fit. 

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