the 40 days of creativity challenge

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Simply put…

In a world where we are powerful creators, we are either creating or destroying. Often it’s slight - we don’t notice or recognize the faint dismantling of a project or a skill (or a dream or a relationship) until it’s too late.

But when we deliberately commit to consciousness around our creative tendencies, we can build something beautiful and transformative — even if it matters to no one but ourselves.

Why? Because the most important act of creativity is one that is just for us. One that taps into a longing of the heart, however silly or faint, and cranks up the volume to allow those calls to be louder, brighter, more focused. In this way our life becomes an art form - even if we’re a lawyer, or a doctor, or a candle-stick maker.

This challenge is about 40 days of commitment to something you’d like to exercise your creative juices around.

Is it writing? That’s my goal for the 40 days.

What about cooking? Or dancing? Or drawing? Or writing a silly poem?

You get the idea.

What are the details?

We begin on Monday, January 21st. I’ll be sharing thoughts via instagram and a special listserv (which you can join below) for creativity prompts, community, and inspiration.

This journey together is completely gratis, and will be a great way to capitalize on the growing momentum of the new year.

photography by Raisa Aziz