Magnificent Week | Episode #38


A winter book list, a retreat to set you up for 2019, a podcast on creating a new humanity, a mantra to get you through Thanksgiving time, a playlist for mamas-to-be and more to make your week magnificent.

So many gems I’m enjoying on this list.

A limited number of seats remain for “Fertile Ground” a winter half-day retreat in Washington to plant those final seeds of intention and manifestation for 2019.

Not only have I had the pleasure of meeting these beautiful and bright podcast hosts, but their guest, Gurujas is one of my most cherished and revered teachers. Let this conversation blow your mind.

I feel that John Leguizamo was born to share this. What an incredible performance. What a necessary message.

For mama’s to be, this is a powerful mantra playlist that can be super healing for you and baby. Really repeat the song “Adi Shakti” for those mamas of boys.

Thanksgiving can be a time of great merriment and excitement. Or of deep family and travel stress. Or sometimes a mix of both. The mantra: “I know the unknown is know to me” - is a powerful one that can be said mentally or out loud to add some balance, clarity, and grace to this time of year.

Kundalini will be happening this Saturday (11/24) in Georgetown and a new class is coming Monday evenings in 2019. Stay tuned!

Just ordered a few more winter supplements from this amazing resource (I especially love the vegan protein powders), to anchor into a healthy end of year.

Joanna Andreae