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We loved Joanna’s stress detox, mindfulness and meditation sessions. Her “breathing break” techniques and mini-meditations have continued to help us all relax a bit better. She taught us that you don’t need more than a couple minutes to meditate! We look forward to having Joanna back soon for more sessions.
— Melissa, Attorney Recruiter & Development Manager at a Washington D.C. based Law Firm

Speaking engagements and Offerings

I consider it a great honor to share the gifts of wellness with companies, colleges and organizations all over the world. These sessions range from sixty-minute speaking engagements to half-day summits and can be created and designed based on your needs. I blend my professional roots from the corporate world with my love of ancient and modern philosophies of wellness to guide attendees gracefully and practically through the many demands of modern life. Whether it's breathwork, meditation, or "sneaky" self-care practices, my work is dedicated to sharing tools and experiences to help you feel better quickly.  

Below are a sampling of most popular programs: 

Mental Resilience for a modern life

This session is dedicated to strengthening the power and reservoir of a clear mind. Includes breathwork tools and meditation techniques for greater clarity and less stress, confusion and overwhelm. In a modern world, balance, clarity, and the ability to focus the mind is a true commodity. Learn lifelong practices for creating just that kind of mental spaciousness. Experiencing is believing. 

Stress DETOX for greater happiness

A workshop dedicated to learning more about the stress cycle and (most importantly), how to manage it in the midst of a busy life. This session also includes exercises to design and vision your day, create more balance, and practice relaxation and resilience techniques to build a reservoir of wellness. The session concludes with a guided mini-meditation to ensure attendees leave with stress-reduction tactics they can implement into their daily lives.

the pillars of joy

A workshop to explore the active ingredients of joy as they relate to eastern spiritual cosmologies and modern-day positive psychology. After a discussion of joy and fulfillment in a modern life, we'll explore specific practices that dovetail perfectly with the pillars of joy. These techniques will help attendees cultivate emotional balance and happiness in the workplace, at school, or even at home. We'll end with a guided restorative "yoga nidra" meditation for deep nourishment and a whole-body refresh.  

Mindful Living

This workshop is all about being more present in one's life -- especially when it comes to dimensions of nourishment. Through the lens of food, work, and leisure we'll discuss how to consciously promote presence and attention and the benefits it can lend to life.

Exploring Meditation

These sessions are all about enabling people to feel more grounded, centered, and balanced at work. We'll begin with some easy 'take-home' relaxation techniques, followed by the experience of three different forms of meditative practice.  The goal of this session is for attendees to leave feeling refreshed and empowered to begin or continue a meditation practice. 

WomEn's Empowerment Circle

This special session provides an opportunity for women to connect to themselves and each other through the practice of meditation, self-reflection, and intention-setting. This circle is a great option for colleges as well as workplaces looking to promote a culture of success and support for women. 

Custom Yoga + Wellness Workshops

If your organization has a specific topic or format in mind, I’m happy to work with you to create a customized workshop designed specifically for your needs. 

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Joanna has been a wonderful addition to our wellness program and classes. She has led meditation and wellness classes for our corporate employees over the past year. Both of these have been game-changers, shifting employee behaviors and mindsets while also appealing to diverse audiences. We highly recommend her to anyone looking to engage employees in wellness initiatives. She is both passionate and knowledgeable as well as a true professional.
— Emily Goodson, Talent & Culture Business Partner, Optoro

Recent Workplace Wellness Partners

  • U.S. Congress
  • KPMG
  • Prominent Washington D.C. Law Firm
  • Capital One
  • Optoro
  • Whittier College
  • Kit + Ace
  • Events DC
  • SEIU
  • IVY Active
  • YG Studios
  • The 1776 Society
  • The American Association for Suicide Prevention 

Joanna designed a yoga and meditation class for our group of social justice activists that was both accessible for first-timers and nourishing for those with many years of practice. We especially enjoyed the yoga nidra moment that brought us into a rare state of deep relaxation. When I’m in Joanna’s presence I feel I’m with someone who is cultivating her own happiness and is energized by sharing it with others. Joanna brings out the best in those who she works with and she is an inspiration to all.
— Gina, Organization Development Consultant and Leadership Coach