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***Thank you so much for your interest in working together. I will be accepting new clients in early 2020***

there is a treasure within you waiting to be found

These sessions are an offering of allowance, self-discovery, release, and treasure-hunting. They are designed to provide you with guidance, inspiration, and support, wherever the adventure of life takes you.

Weaving a unique combination of yogic meditations & technology, positive psychology and holistic health coaching, these sessions both excavate deeper needs of your mind/body/spirit while also creating a constructive plan for applying practical tools and seeing marked improvement in your life. 

We'll focus on the present with an eye toward the future to move you towards your goals, your healing, and your absolutely best possible experience and enjoyment of life. These sessions include yet are not limited to - guided relaxation, space for discussion, kundalini yoga, lessons and tools for optimization, and accountability homework to further your own evolution. 

Single Sessions

Follow-Up sessions

To ensure the new patterns of our work together take root, I work with most clients on a consistent basis. This allows for greater accountability, and commitment to lasting change. The creating of self is a process and a continuous evolution. When we apply a steady discipline to our work together the potential for true change and transformation is limitless. 

When deciding between 55 or 85 minute sessions, keep in mind the 85 minutes allow for a longer focus on guided meditation and breathwork, while our 55 minute sessions will be about dropping in to the nitty gritty of the issue at hand and planning, goal-setting and accountability for seeing it through.

To respect your investment, I've offered discounts for the various packages below. 

packages of 5

Packages of 10