Prove your Self (Doubt) Wrong

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There is a children's book called, The Little Engine That Could, that I was borderline obsessed with as a kid. Spoiler alert: In the story, a little blue engine comes to the rescue of another train full of toys by pulling it up a mountain against all odds for all the waiting boys and girls.

And what (you may ask) does this little engine tell herself as she sets out on said seemingly impossible task?

This mantra repeated again and again: "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can." 

How often do we get ensnared by doubts and self-sabotage so much that we DON'T think we can and so we don't even attempt. A failure to launch before even arriving at the starting blocks. Analysis paralysis.

And yet there's something about the "think I can" that is so earnest. It's not a surefire "know" or some kind of "absolute" - but a courageous attempt to dig deep and pull out some latent grit of self-discovery and strength. 

I am learning that it is in the attempt, in the doing, against the fear, against the doubt, against the blocks of sabotage, we are able to prove our negativity wrong. There is a bravery and boldness in intentional action that may get your fear-based ego to scream but eventually, you can chug past that into that magic territory of the adventurous try.

Because if we don't ever try, then we fail twice. We fail ourselves and the world around us that is hungry for our help and our success.. 

Yes, you may fail. You may stumble, or get stuck. And that's OK. This is not a life of perfection, but of refinement. Of continuing to dust yourself off and try again; continuing to sing that mantra of self-belief at times, against all odds. 

One of my favorite quotes about fear is:

"Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is fear walking." -- unknown

What are you afraid of today? How can you chug through that self-doubt? How can you take one small step through it?

Because you know what? I really, truly think you can.