Love and Kindness Everyday


Oh Valentine's Day. A day of overpriced dinners and flowers or, if you're uncoupled, a day of feeling less-than and lonely. But what if the cultural pressure of love on this day was transformed into something less about romance and more about true loving connection. 

I've always treasured Valentine's Day not because of boyfriends over the years but because of my Mom. My Mama is not an over-the-top gifter, nor someone who buys into the consumerist culture of Roman Calendar holidays. And yet, she would always make a point to do something sweet for me on Valentine's Day.

Sometimes it was just a loving card, or a chocolate treat, but I can remember even being at college and feeling the glee of a surprise Valentine's Day envelope from her - a small but palpable act of love.

To me, that is exactly what the Valentine's season can be about. Not fancy bottles of wine and bouquets of roses, but showing and sharing real kindness with those we treasure. 

My mom has taught and continues to teach me what it means to be an embodiment of love and today I offer some thoughts to help you do the same. May you remember you are worthy of your wants, you are connected by the invisible thread that weaves all of us together, and you are capable of finding exactly the love you crave through kind connection to self and others. 

GRACEFULLY SOFTEN | We spend so much time tightening, grinding, forcing, and pushing. What if today we opened into some softness and some flow? What would that look like (more tangibly) for you? For me it looks like less aggressively scheduled to-dos and more wandering somewhere outside. It looks like making time to read some poetry I adore and easing through any roadblocks or interruptions that arise in the day. When we soften, we make space. And in that space, some wonderful things (like joy, prosperity, love) can flow in more easily. 

GIVE | We absolutely do receive when we give. Today is a great day to donate to a cause you care about. Is it rescue pups? The refugee crisis? The oceans? Even if it's $10, I assure you, a well-intended little goes a long way. 

THANK | Write a "loving" letter to a friend or family member. Tell that person exactly what you cherish about him or her. Take this day beyond romantic love to share appreciation for all types of relationships and connection. It will make their day and fill your heart.

ELEVATE | Practice this loving kindness meditation or this Kundalini Kriya for self-love. The latter takes a teeny bit of grit but it's well worth it. And so are you.