Celebrate Simplicity + A Gift For You

This month I am doubling down on the idea of celebration in everyday life. I’m asking myself, my clients, my women’s circles and now you, dear reader:

How does it feel to celebrate and to be celebrated?

What would it look like to celebrate on a daily basis?

What can you celebrate today in your extraordinary life?  

The start of May is a special day. A birthday. The birth of Wandering Wellness. This business, this baby, this calling of a lifetime is two years old. It has been two years of being extremely vulnerable, somewhat uncomfortable, and taking major risks. Two years of autonomy, of helping people find balance, and of coming into my own as an instigator and a practitioner of joy. Two years of so much inner work and outer expansion.

Two years that I would not trade for anything. 

So today I’m sharing a gift and a list of super simple celebrations as offering, inspiration, and just for the hell of it. I hope you enjoy. 


For the entire month of May I’m offering 35% off of all virtual and in-person individual wellness services with the code MAYCELEBRATION. Whether you’re looking for a private wellness coaching session, a specially designed meditation and relaxation session or a mixture of the two, I’d be honored to spread as much health and happiness as I can in celebration of the gift of this work and the gift of Wandering Wellness as a concept and entity.


A few ideas to add celebration to daily life.

  1. Light candles at breakfast.
  2. Make morning showers as luxurious as possible - use essential oils, a sage or palo santo pre or post shower cleanse.
  3. Listen to music that you absolutely love on your walk or ride to work. 
  4. Have a dance party by yourself or with others to #3
  5. Eat off the fanciest plates you have (if that's your thing).
  6. Say some sort of blessing before meals to really cherish and treasure the bounty of mama earth.
  7. Adorn yourself with beautiful things. Wear that party dress or that "special occasion" necklace on a Tuesday, just because.
  8. Treat yourself to something super healthful and indulgent. Perhaps it's that massage you've been wanting. Or that wellness session or astrological reading. Give yourself a gift of healing in celebration for the wonder of you.

Here's to a month of celebration.