Clarity, Grounding and Service: Virgo Full Moon

Your body is not a temple. Temples can be destroyed and desecrated. Your body is a forest – thick canopies of maple trees and sweet scented wildflowers sprouting in the underwood. You will grow back, over and over, no matter how badly you are devastated.
— Beau Taplin

Here we are. The fullest and brightest day of the moon. The pinnacle shine of that celestial teacher who literally and symbolically asks us to honor our own life's phases of birth, growth, and destruction/regeneration.

The full moon tonight happens to land in the sign of Virgo - an archetype of great beauty, a lover of organization (and lists!), and a seeker of healing.  Almost everything can feel heightened under the bright light of a full moon, so it's absolutely a time to be extra tender with self and others. Here are some guiding thoughts to anchor you in greater clarity, grounding, and service across this day and the next two weeks:


This can be period of great discernment and understanding. The healing energy of this moon inquires about our own nourishment: What have we been forcing ourselves to digest? Do we need a healing break from news updates on our phones? Or a particular toxic person? Or, (in my case), the seductive allure of coffee? 

When we nourish ourselves on all levels with cleaner, purer energy sources and inspiration, we feel better. When we feel better, we do better. Simplicity at its finest. 

Clarity and de-cluttering

Ever the practical earth sign, this Vigo archetype doesn't push for pie-in-the-sky esoteric answers but wants you to get out your broom and ACTUALLY clean. Clean house. Clean the subconscious mind. Clean and clear the vessel of the body. We all have an opportunity across these next two weeks to clean up our acts so that we can minimize the noise of distraction and self-sabotage and get more grounded into our mission here. 

I know as I grow deeper in my yogic practice, I become more sensitive to clutter. It's difficult for me to think clearly or creatively when I'm surrounded by objects that are out of balance and disorganized. But even more importantly is the re-zeroing I practice each day through meditation to sweep clean the cluttered subconscious mind. For me, a daily practice of mental well-being is not a nice-to-have (like the maids that come once a month to do a deep house clean) it is a daily non-negotiable.

Might you consider the cluttered components of your life - not with a sense of overwhelm and anxiety - but with a empirical curiosity? How could you clear just 10% of the clutter of your day? Your home? Your mind? Identifying, accepting, and then lovingly removing these things from your life can allow so much more space for energy, beauty, and well-rooted growth.  

Service and healing

Most importantly, perhaps, is all of our roles in the healing desperately needed across the whole planet. Virgo is interested in a deep healing of self but also others: people, plants, animals, waters.

I've been asking myself each evening, what have I done today to be of service to the world? What contribution have I made positively - however slight to the world's healing? 

Sometimes it was just picking up extra dog poop on the street. Or, sending a sweet text to a friend in a tough time. Other times it might look like like buying a small unexpected gift for someone, or doing all the dishes so the hubby can watch his favorite show without worrying about them.

These acts of service don't have to be grand, but they do have to be active. Positive thoughts are powerful, yes, but to truly ground and see the greatest benefits of this time, it's the action that counts, not just the thought. 


Feel free to go deeper using the full moon meditation and prompts below - enjoy this time of tending to the forest of your life. 


Practice this guided (and gratis) full moon in Virgo mediation. 



  • What have I been forcing myself to digest? Do we need a healing break from something that's not sitting well? 
  • How can I clear just 10% of the clutter of my day, my home or my mind? *For help with clearing the mind you can try these quick videos.*
  • A daily question: What have I done today to be of service to the world? What contribution have I made positively - however slight?


  • Remove 3 items from your home that are no longer serving you. That shirt that just was never right, that old picture you've been keeping that doesn't make you feel so good, that food item that offers you no nutritional magic. 
  • Be of service - in a small or large way. Do it now. 
  • Allow yourself the gift of grounding. Spend time outside if you can. Be around trees or plants, send some gratitude and appreciation to mama earth. 

Joanna Andreae