Super Moon, Super You

                                                                                                                      Art by  Daniel Barredo

                                                                                                                      Art by Daniel Barredo

It's the first time an event like this has happened (blue moon, blood moon, super moon and lunar eclipse) in over 150 years. And that IS meaningful. Bodies in outer space are quite literally, aligning. We too have the power of choice when it comes to alignment. We can choose to ignore things of cosmic meaning and significance or we can chose to harness, clarify, and attune. 

The beautiful thing about opening to the rhythm of nature and the heavens is it doesn't take much. A reverent glance at the moon tonight with hand over heart for a few breaths. A special meditation to get clear on what you are ready to let go of and "eclipse" out of your life for good.  An opportunity to reflect on how things have unfolded for you across the past few months and where, with intention and courage, you are heading. 

To help you do this, I have created a guided meditation and a few suggested practices to take advantage of this very powerful window across today and through the end of next week.

First: Your digital meditation

Second: Additional recommended practices

  1. JOURNAL PART I. After you listen to the above meditation it's a perfect time to get out your journal and describe what came through. What was surprising? How can you move forward now into a new direction? What will you FILL that empty space with that you have just created?
  2. JOURNAL PART II. It's super helpful to reflect back on what was happening for you at the last eclipse in August of 2017. What's come through for you? What hasn't changed? What are you learning about yourself through these cycles of time?
  3. ACTION: Aware of all this insight, what is your action step to move forward with daily discipline and cultivate more freedom? 
  4. WATER: Water is an amazing cleansing and healing agent. Today - even if it's just a quick evening shower, find yourself in water, and use it to help literally and metaphorically let go, transform, release.
  5. SERVICE: What can you do to be of service today? Can you be kind to someone at work who really annoys you? Can you send your Mom a sweet text? Can you send off an email to someone you care about that needs a friendly hello? When we connect to one another and recognize we're all going through the hardships and the joys of being human, we can grow so much bigger and love so much deeper. It's the perfect moon to remember that fact. 

May you find freedom and release through this event and remember that the elements of the universe are here to help you. 

As always, I stand ready to be of service should you like to take this work deeper through a one-on-one session or book a meditation class/speaking engagement for your company or college.