Magnificent Monday # 28


A chocolate-chaga donut recipe to drool for, two prosperity workshops, an incredible movie about women pilots in the 60's who outperformed male astronauts and more to make your week magnificent...

The first time I tasted a variation of these donuts at Moon Juice I was hooked. As I live in D.C. I needed a way to recreate these magical raw desserts and this is just the recipe for it.  

This was a moving and incredible documentary about 13 women who were supposed to go to space. Luckily today we can still honor many of them through their stories, their gumption, and their grit. 

Gabby's wonderful take on how to be more productive by focusing your to-dos. 

A full moon and a half-day retreat all focused on inner empowerment, fulfillment, and sustainable prosperity. Women of Washington, I can't wait to gather with you. 

The next book on my list that came highly recommended from a fellow girlboss and kundalini maven.

Thanks BYT for the recap of this magical event last week. 

That's a wrap! Enjoy the week, beauties.